You have heard my story a million times by now! I'm just another Black girl growing out and growing INto her natural hair... And I love it! I am a singer and full time marketing professional, so I often need to look fierce for shows and photoshoots as well as neat and polished for the office. As a Black woman, I know first hand how frustrating and tedious natural hair can be. But the rewards make it worthwhile!


6 years ago, at the start of my natural hair transition, I vowed to never relax my hair again and I TRY to stick to black natural hairstyles. Whether it's the hair growing out of my scalp, or a little (read: a LOTTA)  help from the Beauty Supply store, I try to stick to "natural", kinky styles that represent my own culture and heritiage. That is not to say that I don't mix things up with straighter styles on occassion, but I will always return to natural hair styles because I strongly believe that once I was able to celebrate Kinky hair and express that in my own style choices, it helped me invest in and nurture my own natural hair. I see it happening with Black women all around me. Once we realize the potential and beauty of our own textures and style, we won't ever want to turn back. 


And the options are endless! I have learned how to do so many fun styles that help to protect my growing hair, make it easy to get up and go in the mornings, look amazing on stage, and help me get through the awkward periods of my hair growth.


Once friends, family and strangers alike began asking me to provide thes natural hair extensions for them, creating MorKinks felt like the natural next step. 


By no means have I re-invented the natural hair styling wheels. Senegalese, Havana, Kinky, Marley and Crochet styles are available everywhere and have been for decades. But if you are in the NYC area and want someone to walk you through the process of looking and feeling your best with any of these hair options, then make your appointment with MorKinks today! 


Amaany Clarke




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